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We’re On Your Team

Hamilton Relay understands that each relay user is unique. So we listen to our customers and work to match the right services to specific situations. We believe we’re not just filling a need, but empowering and enhancing the lives of our customers. If you have a specific question, please find your state Outreach Coordinator, complete our contact form or initiate a Live Chat session. Our Hamilton Relay team is ready to help you.

Meet The Hamilton Relay Team

Hamilton Relay Team

Get to know your Outreach Coordinator

Through Hamilton Relay’s high quality professional outreach services, Outreach Coordinators work to ensure individuals within their state are aware of the variety of relay services available to them and understand how to use relay when making or receiving calls.

If you are not sure how relay services in your state work and would like to learn more, contact us!

If you know of an agency, business, school or individual who could benefit from training on how to use relay services, Outreach Coordinators are happy to help educate and provide training to them.

To chat with a Hamilton Customer Care Representative, please complete the form below.

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