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National Deaf Awareness Week: Barbara Baumgardner recognized as the 2009 Deaf/Hard of Hearing leader for the State of Wyoming

December, 23 2009

In honor of National Deaf Awareness Week, Hamilton Relay is pleased to recognize Barbara Baumgardner as the 2009 Deaf/Hard of Hearing leader for the State of Wyoming.

Barbara Baumgardner is an outstanding individual who has touched the lives of many through her work in serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in Wyoming.

In 1977, Barbara established the first American Sign Language course at the University of Wyoming to offer course credit. She is an excellent communicator and has strived to bridge the gap between individuals who hear and individuals who have hearing loss. Throughout her career, she provided a rich and varied glimpse into deafness and deaf culture and has set the groundwork for many hearing students to reach their goal of becoming interpreters.

Barbara served on the board of the Deaf Association of Wyoming for many years and was secretary for the organization. She was very diligent in taking and distributing the notes of the meetings and has always followed through on a job no matter how hard the task. Barbara has definitely set the bar high for those who have followed in her footsteps.

Congratulations to Barbara Baumgardner for earning this prestigious award. Her dedication, professionalism and contribution in serving others is truly appreciated.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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