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Jimmy Challis Gore selected for Hamilton Relay 2021 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Louisiana

November, 16 2021

Jimmy Challis Gore of Baton Rouge has been selected as the recipient of the Hamilton Relay 2021 Deaf Community Leader award for the state of Louisiana. Jimmy is a strong and active advocate for the Deaf community, both on local and state levels.

Through his advocacy and his work with State Representative Patricia Haynes Smith, several House bills benefitting the Deaf community have passed in the state of Louisiana. He is a strong voice during legislative sessions and helps to share news of those sessions with his community.

Jimmy is the current president of the Louisiana Association of the Deaf and the Commissioner of the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf. He also serves on the board for the Baton Rouge Association of the Deaf and is an active member of the Deaf Grassroot Movement in Louisiana and the Greater New Orleans Association of the Deaf.

In addition to his legislative work, Jimmy is an educator. He tutors students online who are learning English as a second language through ASL. Additionally, he invented GRMMR, a teaching tool that uses visual techniques to help students learn English as a second language.

Jimmy is a member of a multigenerational Deaf family and has two Deaf sons, both college graduates.

We commend Jimmy for his advocacy and are proud to present him with the Deaf Community Leader award for Louisiana.

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