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Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award

December, 12 2013

The Hamilton Relay 2013 Deaf Community Leader Award, established in 2010, recognizes individuals who are deaf or deaf-blind and who are making a difference in their community. The Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award is awarded during Deaf Awareness Week, also known as International Week of the Deaf, which is celebrated worldwide during the last full week of September. We are excited to announce the following individuals as recipients of the 2013 Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award:

  • Chad Metcalf, California

  • Dr. Frank Lala, Georgia

  • Davina Snow, Idaho

  • Kathy Miller, Iowa

  • JJ Jones, Kansas

  • Kenneth Milner, Kansas

  • Richard Fraychineaud, Louisiana

  • Marie Doyle, Massachusetts

  • Dennis Gladhill Jr, Maryland

  • Lee Dubois, Montana

  • Heather Niedbala, Rhode Island

  • Sharon Bryant, Tennessee

  • Kimberly Thornsberry, Utah

  • Brenda Estes, Virginia

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