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FCC Email Reminds Relay Users to Register for a 10-Digit Number

October, 05 2009

The FCC sent an email reminding relay users to register for a 10-digit number for VRS and Internet Relay. The message from the FCC is provided below. To view the FAQs from the FCC, please click here.

As you know, the November 12, 2009 deadline for VRS and IP Relay users to register for a ten-digit numbering is rapidly approaching. The importance of having all VRS and IP Relay users registered by that date can not be underestimated. After November 12, 2009, VRS and IP Relay calls – other than 911 calls – will not be completed unless the caller has registered with a provider.

The ten-digit numbering rules will provide VRS and IP Relay users two key benefits. First, when a caller is making an emergency 911 call, these rules allow a VRS or IP Relay provider to automatically deliver the relay user's location information to appropriate, emergency personnel. In addition, the rules make it easier for hearing persons to call VRS or IP relay users by dialing just the relay user's ten-digit telephone number.

The FCC has been working for some time to inform and educate the VRS and IP Relay users about the recent ten-digit numbering requirement and we would welcome your help. We encourage you to visit our dedicated webpage,, for materials that you can use to inform the public about the transition. These include a one-page fact sheet, Frequently Asked Questions, and other publications. In addition, there is an ASL video, broken into segments, which describes the reasons and easy procedures to register. There is also an article which can be used in newsletters or as an email to your members describing the importance of registering.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about the importance of registering for a ten-digit number and staying connected through VRS and IP Relay. For additional information please contact Greg Hlibok at

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