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Elizabeth "Liz" Booth selected for Hamilton Relay 2012 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the State of Arizona

May, 08 2012

Hamilton Relay is pleased to have selected Liz Booth as one of two recipients of the 2012 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the State of Arizona. Liz is dedicated to educating the public on a variety of topics and is a great advocate for individuals with hearing loss.

Before moving to Arizona, Liz served on the Illinois Cochlear Implant Chapter board of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) for 10 years. She was involved with the HLAA Fountain Hills Chapter acting as Newsletter editor and secretary while residing part-time in Illinois.

Currently, Liz is a permanent resident of Arizona and serves as President of the HLAA Fountain Hills Chapter. She is also a founding member and current co-leader of the HLAA Chapter in Sun Lakes. A member of the Association of Late Deafened Adults, Inc (ALDA), Liz plans to attend the National ALDA Convention in Columbia, North Carolina this fall. Additionally, she serves on the Hard of Hearing Task Force, an umbrella of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing.

Liz enjoys writing a column about living with hearing loss called "Listening with Liz" that appears in various publications, including the ALDA Chicago newsletter. She is an active public speaker, presenting to a variety of audiences on a number of topics, including:

  • Information on hearing loss to the National Association of Social Workers in Arizona

  • The psychological aspect of hearing loss to audiences in Tucson and Green Valley for a program called "Living With Hearing Loss" (funded by the Arizona Community Foundation)

  • A program on communication strategies as part of a Living Well with Hearing Loss workshop at the National HLAA convention in Nashville, Tennessee as well as at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona,.

Additionally, Liz regularly mentors cochlear implant candidates in Arizona and in other states. And she hosts gatherings of cochlear implant users and volunteers at Arizona State University in the Speech and Hearing Department.

Liz enjoys meeting and working with individuals who face some of the same challenges she has encountered. As described by her peers, Liz is a positive, knowledgeable and very giving individual.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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