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Cynthia Amerman selected for Hamilton Relay 2012 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the State of Arizona

May, 08 2012

Hamilton Relay is pleased to have selected Cynthia Amerman as one of two recipients of the 2012 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the State of Arizona. Cynthia is very active in volunteering her time to various hearing loss organizations and to providing educational workshops on topics related to hearing loss.

Cynthia has a passion for educating individuals who experience hearing loss on a local, national and international level. She earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from Gallaudet University, is fluent in American Sign Language and also speaks Spanish.

Since Cynthia moved from New Jersey five years ago, she has become very active in the community. She brings her unique experience and skills to support the following groups and organizations:

  • Adult Loss of Hearing Association (ALOHA)

    • Term 2011 – 2015: Secretary & Board Member

    • Conducts "Let's Loop Tucson" presentations to senior retirement centers

    • Participates in weekly peer support groups

    • Active in ALOHA Desert Cochlear Connections group

    • Conducts outreach at health fairs and gives presentations which educate on communicating with individuals with hearing loss

    • Participated in the Sertoma Walk for Hearing event

    • Participated in the ALOHA golf fundraiser

  • Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA): Founder of Sonora Chapter

    • Term 2010 – 2012: President

    • In 2011, traveled to Stockholm, Helsinki and Liverpool to attend meetings of the International Federation of the Hard of Hearing (IFHOH), The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and the National Association of Deafened People (NADP)

    • Active in ALDA Conventions as Newcomer Chair–2009, 2010, 2012

    • Will be ALDA delegate to IFHOH World Congress in Bergen, Norway in 2012

  • Was actively involved with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Convention

  • Serves on the Hard of Hearing Task Force, an umbrella of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

  • Serves as a mentor to deaf and hard of hearing students

  • Travels to Guatemala to work with deaf/hard of hearing communities–linking them with counterparts in the US

  • Visited all seven of the Comite Pro Ciegos y Sordos (Committee for the Blind and Deaf) schools for deaf/Deaf/hard of hearing in different areas of the country and interned in social work at the Centro Educativo Para Ninos Sordos (Education Center for Deaf Children) in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala

Cynthia brings a positive attitude to the communities in Arizona, viewing problems or challenges as opportunities for success. She is a great role model who has a passion for mentoring, educating and giving countless hours of volunteer work towards making a difference in the lives of individuals with hearing loss.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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