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California Relay Service Update: Interactive Response System

August, 08 2022

The Interactive Response System is an easy-to-use tool that is especially simple for consumers who use text-based services. The lists below outline the steps required to take advantage of the system:

For text-based consumers:

  • Consumer dials California Relay and reaches the Interactive Response System.
  • The consumer presses one (1) to reach a CA.
  • The consumer gives the CA the number they want to dial.
  • The relay call proceeds as normal.
    • Once an allowable call type has been placed, the consumers connect mode is automatically learned by our system and they should not receive the Interactive Response System recording the next time they call in to relay.

For Voice consumers, they will hear the Interactive Response System recording each time they call California Relay:

  • If the consumer presses one (1), they will be routed to a CA so they can place a call.
    • If the voice user wants to avoid hearing the Interactive Response System recording, they can contact customer care and set up a customer profile.
    • Once the profile is set up, they will no longer hear the recording but will be routed directly to a CA when they call relay.

Customers who already have a customer profile established are routed directly to a CA and will not hear the Interactive Response System recording when dialing California Relay.

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