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Asifa Hussain selected for Hamilton Relay 2022 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the State of Iowa

May, 01 2022

Hamilton Relay is pleased to award the 2022 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award for the state of Iowa to Asifa Hussain of West Des Moines.

Asifa has quickly made a difference at Waukee High School even though she just recently moved to the United States. Soon after arriving in Iowa, Asifa worked with her AEA audiologist to get hearing aids. Being able to wear hearing aids also impacts her ability to fully participate in school where she is learning English and preparing to graduate this spring.

She is described by her references from the AEA and Waukee High School staff as someone who is a “model citizen in her high school and community.” She shows gratitude for her hearing aids and hearing technologies and has embraced her hearing loss and not let it prevent her from having a positive experience.

Without being asked, Asifa stepped up as a leader in the ESL classroom. She has helped new students with the little things (which are really impactful things) such as navigating the bus, helping students download apps for lunch accounts and navigating the online learning program. She helps students find their classes, find adults when needed and takes the time to reach out and greet or sit next to someone who is new to help them have a positive experience.

A teacher at Waukee High School said of Asifa, “She has a genuine heart for service. Students always ask where she is at if she is absent from school because her presence is so important to our classroom.”

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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