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Angela Lundy selected for Hamilton Relay 2017 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Pennsylvania

October, 18 2017

Angela Lundy of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been selected as the Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award recipient for the state of Pennsylvania. Angela is an incredible leader in her local community as well as nationally.

Angela is the founder and executive director of the faith-based program, Interfaith Specialty Services, which accepts donations of devices and redistributes them to anyone in need in the greater Philadelphia region. She is ordained by multiple denominations of faith and in 2008 began serving as Pastor of P.E.A.C.E. (Physically Enabled and Cognitively Empowered), a disability focused nurturing initiative.

In 1995, Angela was suddenly stricken with meningitis and two accompanying strokes and remained in a coma for several weeks. Upon awakening, she found she was unable to hear, walk or speak with extensive memory loss and bells syndrome facial disfiguration. Now, as a profoundly deaf advocate, she travels with her certified hearing dog, Iris, doing community service work, focusing on freedom of religion, the lessening of isolation and bridging gaps through policy reforms and improved access.

Some of Angela’s other accomplishments include:

  • National Afro-American Women’s Leadership Institute scholarship winner and fellow
  • Gallop University Leadership Training
  • Development of “A Widow’s Mite”, a community service project, in part sponsored by Temple University’s REEP program, to assist persons without insurance by giving them free used rehabilitation equipment
  • Author of autobiography, Uphill Journey

We commend Angela for here advocacy and are proud to present her with the Hamilton Relay 2017 Deaf Community Leader Award Winner for the state of Pennsylvania

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