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Louisiana Relay: Voice

Louisiana Relay: Voice

Hamilton Relay allows standard phone users to communicate with individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking and who may use a TTY, TeleBraille or other assistive telecommunications device.

When you place a call through Hamilton Relay, your side of the conversation is typed by the Communication Assistant (CA) and “relayed” to the person you are calling. The CA then voices typed responses from that person for you to hear. It’s a simple, easy and effective way to communicate with family, friends and business people who are important to you.

Placing Calls

  1. Dial 711 or the toll-free number for your state.
  2. The CA will answer with his/her identification number and ask for the number you wish to call.
  3. Provide the area code and telephone number you wish to call, along with any special instructions.
  4. All messages are relayed word for word. The person you are calling may also be made aware of any audible background noises or conversations occurring near you.
  5. The CA will facilitate the conversation through a turn taking process. When it is your turn, speak clearly and directly to the person you are calling and say “GA” or “Go Ahead” when you are ready for a response. The other party will begin their message, and when you hear the words “GA” or “Go Ahead,” it is your turn to speak again.
  6. To end your call, say “GA to SK” or simply say “Goodbye.”

Receiving a Relay Call

  1. When you pick up a phone and hear “This is Relay,” someone who is using Relay is on the line.
  2. The CA will give his or her identification number and ask if you have received a relay call before. If necessary, the CA will explain the process before connecting the call.
  3. The conversation will proceed in the same manner as when making a relay call; say “Go Ahead” or “GA” to indicate you are done speaking and say “GA to SK” to end the conversation.

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