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California Relay Service: Customer Profile: TRS

1. Customer Information
Additional Phone Numbers
Used by caller when contacting California Relay Service
Mailing List Signup
2. Multi-User Profile/Remote Profile

Password + Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The multi-user/remote feature is of great benefit if you have more than one relay user living in your household or if you are away from your primary phone number. The Password and PIN ensures that you are the only person who can make changes to your profile. When accessing your profile from another location (remotely), please provide the CA with your 7-digit Password (alphanumeric) and 4-digit PIN (secret number) so the CA can access your profile options.

Choose 7 letters and/or numbers for Password
Choose 4 numbers for PIN
3a. Making Relay Calls

Every time I CALL Relay, I use…

Language (select one)
Call Type (select one)
Voice Carry Over (VCO) Option
Hearing Carry Over (HCO) Option
Voice Option
3b. Answering Relay Calls

If you live with a person who answers Relay differently than you, skip this section.

Every time I ANSWER a Relay call, I use…

Language (select one)
Call Type (select one)
(VCO users with a TTY answering machine should mark TTY)
Voice Carry Over (VCO) Option
Hearing Carry Over (HCO) Option
4. Long Distance Company

You will not be charged for local or long distance calls. However, there are situations when payment is necessary. That includes:

  • International Calls
  • Directory Assistance
  • Pay Phones
  • Pay-Per-Call Services

Please choose your long distance company from the list provided. If you leave this blank, your bill will come from AT&T.

If you do not see your long distance telephone company on the list, please provide the company name and the customer service number for the company.

You may also use a Calling Card for payment.

5. Preference Settings
Preferred CA Gender:
Relay Background Noise:
Relay Tone of Voice:
Abbreviate Auto Message:
Relay that the CA has checked the spelling of proper names:
Abbreviate Interactive voice response menu choices:
There is another CRS user that uses this same phone number:
Verbatim - do not translate ASL to English:
Caller ID Blocking:
Slow Typing - CA will type slowly:
6. Role of the CA

You can customize how CAs identify relay to the person you are calling if so desired.

Say First Name
Example: “This is California Relay Service CA #4444 with a call from Bob.”
Tell People
Tell Options
Example: “This is California Relay Service CA #4444 with a call from a person who has difficulty speaking.”
Never Explain
Never explain how to use the relay to any person I call.
My Hello
Example: “Hi, Bob here. How are you?”
Customer Notes
(area to enter additional notes to the CA)
7. Restrictions

Select the types of calls that you do not want made from your telephone. If you check any on this list, you will not be able to make those types of calls through the relay.

Specific Blocked Numbers
Specific Blocked Numbers
Specific Blocked Numbers
Specific Blocked Numbers
8. Speed Dialing

You may save up to 50 speed dial numbers. Be sure to include the area code with the phone number.

Name Phone Number
9. Notes

Provide any additional call handling instructions or information for the CA here:

You’re Almost Finished!

Thank you for completing your California Relay Service Customer Profile. If you have any questions about your Profile, please contact Customer Care. To print a copy of this form for your records, go to the File menu of your browser and select Print before submitting the form. Your Customer Profile should be activated within 24 hours of receipt. All customer information is kept confidential. If you are satisfied with your Profile and ready to submit your information, click on Complete My Profile below.


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