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Patty Liang selected for Hamilton Relay 2018 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Washington

October, 11 2018

Patty Liang of Seattle, Washington has been selected as the recipient of the Hamilton Relay 2018 Deaf Community Leader Award for the state of Washington. Patty’s peers describe her as a great community builder within Washington’s Deaf community.

With a passion for the arts, Patty works toward the goal of ensuring accessibility for all members of the community. She is instrumental in bringing accessibility to the arts and is co-founder and executive director of Deaf Spotlight, a non-profit organization. Deaf Spotlight celebrates and showcases Deaf Culture and American Sign Language through the arts and illuminates the artist within every Deaf person.

She also oversees many activities in the community, include the Seattle Deaf Film Festival, theatrical festivals, art exhibits, museum tours, Epic Jams, Deaf Talks and creative arts camp. Patty also worked to establish the National Deaf Center’s Engage for Change Seattle Chapter.

We commend Patty for her passion and leadership and are proud to present her with the Deaf Community Leader Award for the state of Washington.

Please join us at Reuben’s Brews at 5010 14th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA from 5-10 p.m on Thursday, November 29, 2018 to celebrate Patty’s leadership recognition and support Deaf Spotlight in their mission.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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