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Washington Relay: TTY (Text Telephone)

Washington Relay: TTY (Text Telephone)

The most common way to connect to relay – allowing a person who is deaf or hard of hearing to type their messages and read the other person’s responses.

A TTY (or text telephone) device includes a keyboard for typing and a screen for reading the other person’s responses which are typed by the Communication Assistant (CA) facilitating the relay call.

Placing Calls

  1. Using your TTY, dial 711 or the toll-free number for your state.
  2. The RO will answer by identifying the Relay and providing his/her RO number and gender. The RO will then type “NUMBER TO CALL PLS Q GA.”
  3. Provide the area code and telephone number you want to call and any additional instructions.
  4. Once the call is connected, the RO will ask the person you are calling if he/she is familiar with Relay. If the person is not, the RO will explain how Relay works before the conversation begins.
  5. The RO will type everything said by the other party, word for word, along with any background noises.
  6. When you see “GA,” it is your turn to respond. Type “GA” when you are ready for a response. The conversation will proceed in this manner until the call is complete.
  7. When you have completed your side of the conversation, type “GA to SK” and the RO will close your call.

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