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Hamilton Relay Now Providing Service to Oregon

August, 01 2022

Hamilton Relay was named the new Captioned Telephone Service provider for Oregon. Hamilton Relay, a leading provider of Telecommunications Relay and Captioned Telephone Service, began providing service in Oregon on August 1, 2022.

Captioned Telephone (CapTel) is a service that allows users to read captions of what’s said to them during telephone conversations. Through the use of a uniquely designed CapTel phone, users speak directly to the other person and listen while reading what’s said to them on the bright, easy-to-read display screen of the CapTel phone.

For more information, visit or contact CapTel Customer Care by calling 888-269-7477 (Voice/TTY).

Hamilton Relay is a registered trademark of Nedelco, Inc. dba Hamilton Telecommunications.

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