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In honor of Better Hearing and Speech month, Hamilton Relay is pleased to recognize Ashleigh Jerome as the 2010 Hard of Hearing leader for the State of New Mexico.

October, 13 2010

Ashleigh is a young lady who is passionate about advocating for the rights of hard of hearing individuals, particularly those between the ages of 18 – 30 years old. She has worked hard to establish a group called "Hear It NM!" which provides a safe environment for young adults to socialize, share their experiences and find reliable resources.

Being hard of hearing herself, Ashleigh faced many of her own challenges in school and in the workplace. The frustrations she felt while in these environments motivated her to take action on her concerns in order to create a better learning environment for others who encountered similar situations. Ashleigh was effective in enforcing change and moved forward in uniting different city, state and local organizations in order to gain the resources needed to establish "Hear It NM!".

In her continued efforts to remove the social barriers for young adults with hearing loss, Ashleigh worked closely with a board member of a popular theater in New Mexico to install a looping system; a system which generates a magnetic field that can be picked up by a hearing aid. This provided a whole new option in the realm of entertainment for individuals with hearing loss.

Ashleigh has been described as well-rounded, inspiring, and determined. She maintains a graceful ability to educate and enlighten others, ultimately striving to bridge the gap between the hard of hearing community and the hearing community. New Mexico is fortunate to have such an individual and we are pleased to recognize and share her remarkable triumphs.

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