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John Gannon selected for Hamilton Relay 2011 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Iowa

October, 04 2011

John Gannon has been a strong advocate for the Deaf community in Iowa for many years. His enthusiasm is evident through his involvement and interest in a variety of organizations geared towards individuals who are deaf. He supported the implementation of relay services in Iowa and is active in supporting the Office of Deaf Services in their activities and advocacy efforts. While John has resided in different areas across the State of Iowa, he has remained active in the local Deaf clubs and has generously given his time to assume many office and leadership roles within a variety of associations, organizations and clubs.

Being selected for the 2011 Hamilton Relay Deaf Community Leader Award reflects on John's accomplishments and highlights the impact he has made in Iowa. John has received a myriad of honors and held several positions throughout the years, and listed below are just a few examples:

  • Long-time active member of the Iowa Association of the Deaf (IAD)

  • Recently selected as "Mr. IAD King" in 2011

  • Telecommunications Relay Services board member and advocate

  • President of the Davenport National Fraternity Society of the Deaf club, Clinton Hearing and Deaf Awareness club, and the Iowa Senior Citizens of the Deaf club.

  • Supporter and advocate of the Deaf Services Commission of Iowa

  • Held office in the Clinton Association of the Deaf, Dubuque Association of the Deaf, and the Iowa Association of the Deaf.

John has maintained the trust and respect of individuals inside and outside of the Deaf community in Iowa and continues to be a leader and advocate. It is an honor to recognize John Gannon for his accomplishments.

This leadership recognition has been brought to you by Hamilton Relay.

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